ITFSA BBA Director Sabum-nim Marc Chong Seng

Sabum-nim Marc, 4th Dan, is the chief instructor at Libre Taekwon-Do in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), South Africa.

He’s also the Black Belt Association (BBA) director who oversees the overall development of black belts within the ITFSA.

“My role is to hopefully motivate and inspire practitioners,  specifically the black belts, to develop and further their taekwon-do journey,” Sbm-nim Marc says. “I enjoy the position I’ve been entrusted with, but I enjoy the spirit, trust, energy and enthusiasm of the team members of the committee even more.”

Jumping kicks on the beach, the best playground of all!

Sbm-nim Marc started his ITF Taekwon-Do journey in 2007. “It’s now my 13th year of actively practising, ” he says. “I began doing martial arts at an early age. As a young boy, I loved kicking and jumping. This was evident even during the early days of karate competitions. I love taekwon-do for its explosive, dynamic movements and wide selection of kicking techniques.” 

Starting out in tang soo do, a Korean martial art based on karate, he  earned an orange belt. Then he moved onto Kyokushin karate (from Japan) and attained a blue belt.

Sbm-nim Marc enjoys a moment of silence in nature (Lionshead, Cape Town, South Africa).

 “Being Chinese, there’s always been an influence from the martial arts, and because of the discipline it entails, my parents took me to try out,” says Sbm-nim Marc, who was born in the Seychelles.  “During my late teens, I wasn’t very active in martial arts but always wanted to get back into it.”  

In 2007 Sbm-nim Marc was introduced to taekwon-do by university friends who’d tried  it out. ” I thought that if there was ever a time to resume my martial arts training it would be then.”  He made the conscious decision as a young adult to pursue his dream, which has now become a lifelong journey.

“After experiencing several martial arts organisations and schools,

I joined the ITFSA in 2016 and it’s been a welcoming and warm experience.  I really enjoy the spirit the ITFSA embodies, the support given to us as a club and promoting the art of ITF Taekwon-Do,” he says.

“I enjoy the technical aspects and Korean history and philosophy. Also from a technical point of view, the way the dobok (uniform) is worn, and the general reasoning behind everything we do.  The most outstanding aspect I find is the structure of how we learn the art and more importantly the moral compass attached to what we do, which transcends into my daily life.”

Sbm-nim Marc always aspired to have his own school, so relishes the challenges of being the chief instructor of a club. It’s his way to give back to the community, share his love for the art and educate others about taekwon-do.

“I enjoy teaching students about the way that martial arts can complement one’s life in many ways and showing them the way to develop into better students of the art. This goes hand in hand with the development of a stronger character, both mentally and physically.”

Along with his co-chief instructor, Bosabum-nim Ignatius Ajuenor (3rd Dan), Sbm-nim Marc founded a dojang (school) on 1 September 2016. Libre Taekwon-Do is based in Humewood, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), South Africa, close to the beach.

“Our first class consisted of six to eight students. We began with a seniors class every Tuesday and Thursday.  After receiving inquiries for a few years, we introduced kids’ classes in 2019. These are taught by Bsbm-nim Mark Viljoen (2nd Dan) every Monday and Friday.  We also have black-belt classes every Saturday morning, which usually last  two to three hours.”

“Libre Taekwon-Do students are a great group of people, an extension of my friends and family,” he says. “They’re the lifeline of the dojang and without them, there’s no club! The students continually push the boundaries for us as instructors and students of the art.  They improve and learn at such a fast rate that it inspires us to always try to be one step ahead of their continual development.

“This keeps us active and motivated to stay sharp and always in motion. To keep us all engaged as one unit, constant motivation is necessary to ensure growth and development among our members. We’re blessed to have three instructors, but we’re always critiquing what we do and looking to improve to ensure we all give our best as practitioners of the art.” 


“ITF Taekwon-Do has given me a purpose in life and has impacted me in a positive way. There have been challenges along the way, but I always try to pursue a positive outlook and find balance in life.”


“Bsbm-nim Ignatius and I happen to share the same astrological sign in the zodiac commonly denoted as Ω.  Libras are known for being charming, beautiful and well balanced. It’s the well-balanced theme that’s the inspiration behind our logo and the way we approach martial arts and teaching it. We named the club libre as it means “free” in French, which we wish to emulate in the spirit of our teachings.”

“A healthy lifestyle ensures a healthy mind and body, which has so many benefits such as longevity.”

“I always encourage anyone who wishes to learn taekwon-do as best I can with the emphasis on self-defence. We offer prospective students two free classes to try it out and to get a better feel of the classes. 

“There are some who prefer to watch the class, which we allow new students to do… whatever they feel most comfortable with. I usually let the students experience the journey, as talking can only do so much. Only time will tell the story but we always try to motivate and encourage along the way. Mostly, we share our experiences to help prepare them to a certain extent, especially if it’s something they’ll be doing for the first time.”

Sbm-nim Marc encourages his students to participate in championships, as it’s beneficial for growth in taekwon-do.

Sbm-nim Marc’s message to prospective students? “Why wait? Give it a try! You won’t truly know until you consciously try.  I always ask, ‘What have you got to lose?’ “


And his message to current students? “Stay true to what you do. Things won’t always be easy, but overcoming challenges is rewarding, no matter how monumental or minor they might seem. Giving it your best gives you the best chance of success. We’re not perfect but we can strive to be as close as possible.”

Sbm-nim Marc and his wife, Kim, at the Great Wall of China.

“My goal is to impact people’s lives in any way and hopefully in a positive light.”

For more information go to:
1 La Roche Drive
Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)
Eastern Cape
Libre Taekwon-Do is proudly affiliated with the ITFSA.

ITFSA MAASA & SAAKMA Representative and ITF Women’s Committee Representative Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, 4th Dan, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

“The ITFSA is an organisation that feels like home, a family. We all support and help each other through anything and everything”

Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, 4th Dan, ITFSA MAASA & SAAKMA Representative and ITF Women’s Committee Representative
Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman with her Mother and ITFSA National Team manager Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman 3rd Dan and Brother and ITFSA BBA Director Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman 4th Dan
Sabum-nim Audrey executing a hook kick (golcha chagi)
Sabum-nim Audrey executing a knife hand strike


Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman was only 12 years old when she started Taekwon-Do. She was a dancer, who danced from Monday to Thursday in 6 different disciplines. Her brother Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman wanted to start a new sport and the day he went to try out his first Taekwon-Do class, she went with to watch and landed up joining the class. ” A month later, my brother and I officially started Taekwon-Do under Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl, I gave up dancing and never looked back.” said Sabum-nim Audrey.

“I really enjoy the fitness and sparring training, however when it comes to competition, Patterns is what I enjoy the most. I also enjoy that you train your body and mind to react differently, depending on what situation you are in; the training helps you in every aspect of your life.”

The journey to obtaining her 4th Dan was not an easy one, “there is a lot of hard training, learning and good times in this journey. Sometimes I would wonder how I would get through some of the obstacles but I quickly learnt you only get through them when you are ready. ” Says Sabum-nim Audrey. ” My brother Sbm-nim Wesley Gorman and I were training privately with Senior Master Kim Jong Su, every week for 7 years (from Blue Belt till 4th Dan). The knowledge learnt from SM Kim Jong Su, is something we will never forget and it is incredible to look back now and realise how much we’ve learnt.  You are always learning, no matter what your rank is. Obtaining my 4th Dan, is a journey I will always cherish and my goals / visions are to continue the path I’m on for the foreseeable future.”

“The ITF Women’s committee is set up for the benefit of all ITF Women worldwide. One of its functions is to promote the sport among women and to ensure women’s voices are heard within the Martial Arts community.”

ITFSA Umpire & Tournament Director, National Team Manager, ITF Women’s Committee Representative Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl

Meet Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl, ITFSA Umpire & Tournament Director, ITFSA National Team Manager and Chief Instructor at Bulpae Taekwon-Do Academy.


WhatsApp Image 2020-05-14 at 15.04.29
Sbmnim Michelle: “I enjoy all my roles but specifically umpiring and tournaments. I love to see all the practitioners together and putting on an event that is fair and memorable. “
Sabum-nim Michelle believes she is ‘called’ to teach Taekwon-Do, especially to children.
With today’s world, a lot of children can get “lost” and lead horrible lives as adults.
“Most of the children I have taught, (even if they stopped Taekwon-Do due to other sports,) have grown up to be wonderful and successful adults. When I see them, they still show their tenets of Taekwon-Do.”
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-14 at 15.00.21
Sabum-nim Michelle started Taekwon-Do in March 2000. She remembers everything really well; “My cousins Sabum-nim Mark Dias and Sabum-nim Ricky Dias opened a Dojang at the Portuguese hall and asked all the cousins to come to the opening day.
I was actually meant to start ‘latin American dancing’ that same night, as I was a dancer, but I love my cousins and couldn’t say no. So thankful today, that I went to the class instead, it has been twenty wonderful years.”
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-14 at 14.59.23
From left to right; Sabum-nim Mark Dias, Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl and Sabum-nim Ricky Dias.

Sabum-nim Michelle says she grew up in Taekwon-Do, with most of the current leaders of Taekwon-Do. The thing I love most about the ITFSA is the commitment from our leaders and that the organization is “politics free” and extremely well organized.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-14 at 15.00.37 (1)
From left to right; Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl, Bosabum-nim Ross Hislop and Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips (ITFSA President)

“Bosabum-nim Ross Hislop is my Co Chief instructor. He started Taekwon-Do with me and has always showed commitment and eagerness to learn. We work very well together and form a balance in the Dojang for both gender students.”

Bosabum-nim Ross Hislop and Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl, handing out certificates and medals @ Bulpae Taekwon-Do Academy, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Before 2011 Sbm-nim Michelle taught under Dias Taekwon-Do, her cousins Dojang.
In April 2011,  Bulpae Taekwon-Do Academy was born.
Sbmnim Michelle with Senior Master Kim Jong Su.
“I asked all the Taekwon-Do leaders in my life for a name that best describes me in Taekwon-Do. Master Kim Jong Su named me Bulpae, which means invincible.”
“Our logo was designed by Mary Jane Snyman, who designed our clothing at the time.
Dragon- I was born in the year of the Dragon
White- purity and innocence
Black – maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do
Green – growth and it was my moms favourite colour and she had just passed away. “
Bulpae Taekwon-Do classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Mainly kids from 6pm to 7pm
Adults 6.30pm to 8pm
Sbm-nim Michelle says “Bulpae overlaps the classes to keep unity between all our students.”
“In a dojang you will always get many different types of students.

My little ones as young as 4 years old are of course, the life of the Dojang. Watching someone so young learning Taekwon-Do is an inspiration in itself. I have students who have physical disabilities, but yet again, they learn and do Taekwon-Do with such excellence.

As I have mentioned, I believe I was called to teach Taekwon-Do, to some I am just a teacher, but to many there is a different reason I am in their lives. Sometimes only for a short while until they are able to carry on, on their own.

I have students that need just a motivational push to get them through what’s happening in their personal lives. Some just need a place where they are at peace away from the stress they encounter daily. Some excell so well in Taekwon-Do that all their dreams are fulfilled.
Every student I have, gives me a reason to be in front of them, teaching and guiding them to always do their best.”


WhatsApp Image 2020-05-14 at 15.04.28
Sabum-nim Michelle practicing fundamental techniques.

Sbm-nim Michelle says; “ITF Taekwon-Do is a way of life, not just a martial art.  It grows within your personal life and leads you to a path of success within your personal growth.”

“Taekwon-Do has influenced my life positively, more times than I can mention. The tenets of Taekwon-Do is what I live by, everyday of my life. I have gone through a lot of tragedies in my life, but with Taekwon-Do, I have learnt that when life knocks you down you get up and do better, all the time.
There is no failing there s only lessons to learn and put into practice. “
Sabum-nim Michelle believes a healthy lifestyle is important, but not only in body, also in mind and spiritual growth. “If someone wants to start Taekwon-Do, I prepare them for the journey ahead. I always tell them ” Today your life begins”  and let them know what Taekwon-Do can do for their life not only in the Dojang but in their personal lives as well. “


For more information go to:

would you like to start classes? please contact:


ITFSA Logo - Final Hi res
The International Taekwon-Do Federation South Africa is the Official National Governing Body for ITF Taekwon-Do in South Africa.

Founded, 22 March 2013 when the previous ITF NGB in South Africa terminated its membership with the International Taekwon-Do Federation, Vienna, Austria. (President, Prof, Ri Yong Son.)

The vision and mission of the ITFSA is to maintain and improve technical standards and the growth of original ITF Taekwon-Do while upholding the legacy of late, General Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do.

We aim to do so by creating a democratic, accountable and transparent organisation where every Instructor who owns a registered Dojang will have voting rights on both provincial and national levels.
For more information go to the ITFSA official website

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“My role is to assist the ITFSA with any legal issues that may arise. ” says Sabum-nim André Basson 

Meet Sabum-nim André Basson, 5th Dan, ITFSA Legal and Compliance Director, ITFSA Treasurer, Tong-Il Chief Instructor, based in Pretoria, South Africa. ''Taekwon-Do and Martial Arts in general are not just about learning to fight an opponent, it is also about an internal struggle to become the best person you can be.'' says Sbm André. ''The ITFSA under the leadership of Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips is an organization which truly executes its functions in accordance with the tenets of Taekwon-Do. My experience with the ITFSA has always been positive and it is clear that it is passionate about putting the interests of students of Taekwon-Do in South Africa first." Sabum-nim André Basson in the middle with ITF Vice President & TFA President Sabum-nim Judge Annali Basson & ITFSA President & TFA President Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips. Sabum-nim André is currently the Legal Director of the ITFSA. ''My role is to assist the ITFSA with any legal issues that may arise." A photo of students at Tong-il Dojang in Pretoria. Sbm André started Taekwon-Do at the age of 13. ''I used to love the video game "Tekken" and my favourite character was Hwarang. When I saw a flyer for Taekwon-Do I started training immediately."
Sbm André leads by example. "Apart from the health benefits and balance it brings to my life, I realized that when I am dedicated to improving myself through training, it positively affects all the other areas of my life. Hence Taekwon-Do has become a way of life for me." says Sabum-nim André."Teaching students can be challenging but is rewarding when you see them improve." says Sbm André. "I enjoy teaching people Taekwon-Do because it improves their lives in ways it has also improved my life. I feel it is part of my duty to spread the art of Taekwon-Do."Sabum-nim André and his brother Bosabum-nim Dion training together! Sabum-nim André has broken many boards and has represented South Africa at international championships for many years.
For more information please visit www. ITFSA .com

The ITFSA celebrates International Woman’s day!

Today we celebrate and are extra grateful for the women who make a difference, we value their contribution in making the world a better place. Therefore we salute a few of our very own amazing and inspiring ITFSA super women, who have seen and helped many lives change, through this beautiful Martial Arts, we call Taekwon-Do. We would like to show our gratitude to all the women in the world!


Juche Taekwon-Do Chief Instructor Sabum-nim Bronwen Bradley, 4th Dan, said:

"Taekwon-Do is more than a martial art, it really is a way of life, especially when you have done it for almost 13 years. Our tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit, are traits I try to follow and implement in my every day life. The inspirational individuals I have met, and continue to meet through Taekwon-Do are invaluable, and the friendships incomparable. Taekwon-Do is in my blood and part of who I am."


















Bosabum-nim Cara Hislop 2nd Dan's favorite quote: 
"The fears we don't face become our limits"

Bosabum-nim Michelle Rosa 1st Dan's favorite quote:
"Pain is the best instructor,  but no one wants to go to class" – General Choi Hong Hi


















Chief instructor at Bulpae Taekwon-Do Academy, Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl 5th Dan's favorite quote:
"Defeat is a state of mind, no one is ever defeated, until defeat has been excepted as a reality" by Bruce Lee












Representative for the ITF Women's committee, Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, 4th Dan's favorite quote: "You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it" by Maya Angelou


ITFSA Secretary General, ITFSA Umpire Director & ITFSA treasurer, Elements Chief Instructor Sabum-nim Julia Wright, 4th Dan,

" The women who I admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because things worked out, they got that way because things went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways in thousand different days, but they handled it. Those are my superheroes"


Bosabum-nim Leanne Prodehl, 1st Dan

"We stand on the shoulders of those who went before, so it's our responsibility to give a hand up to those who come after"


TFA & ITFSA Communications and Events Director, Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman's message to all women:

"Nothing is more impressive than a woman who is secure in the unique way God made her. Embrace your imperfections."


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Sabum-nim Tony Ribeiro: “We can all make a difference!” 

Meet Sabum-nim Tony Ribeiro, 5th Dan, Sr. Vice President, Technical Director & Co-Founder of the Mozambican Taekwon-Do Federation, TFA Umpire Director, ITFSA Tournament Director and Chief Instructor at Legacy Taekwon-Do in Ballito, SA. 

Sbm Tony received the honorary medal for outstanding instructor, given by the ITF Headquarters in Vienna.
Sabum-nim Tony is not just a 5th degree black belt in ITF Taekwon-Do, he also has an Umpire Class A certificate and an International Instructors Certificate. Sabum-nim Tony is a proud recipient of the medal of honour for Outstanding Instructor given by ITF HQ in 2014.Sabum-nim Tony and his son Bosabum-nim Alex Ribeiro run the Legacy Dojang in Ballito. “The name Legacy came from the name of the 15-volume encyclopedia that Gen Choi wrote,” says Sbm Tony. “It represents the teachings that our founder intended for all mankind, without adding or removing anything, we must always go back to his legacy to make sure we follow his intended teachings.” Classes at Legacy are on a Tuesday and Friday from 10h00 to 11h30am at Prestige Baby Academy in Ballito, South Africa. Sabum-nim Tony said, “I got in touch with Taekwon-Do in 2003 after meeting Sabum-nim Mark and Ricky Dias’s late father in Mozambique, we started speaking and realised that we lived around the corner from each other in South Africa and that they had the Dias Taekwon-Do club, we started training as a family and found that Taekwon-Do fitted us like a glove.” Sabum-nim Tony has the gift of bringing people together, a great eye for talent and has hosted many continental seminars and championships. “It’s a challenge to balance my Taekwon-Do work, training and teaching but I do this out of love for our art,” says Sbm Tony. “My motivation stands with General Choi, that one man with a passion touched the whole world in his lifetime.”“From a small corner of the world General Choi Hong Hi gave mankind a gift forever. He set this example for all of us, so that we may not have anything holding us back.”“Like the ocean needs all its drops of water, we are all part of this great legacy of Taekwon-Do, set out by the late General Choi Hong Hi to navigate the ocean of life as a single sine wave of unity,” said Sabum-nim Tony, who believes that we all can make a difference. “Africa is my home town and I have travelled through the continent, to some neighbouring countries of South Africa and have seen first hand how talented and dedicated this continent is to our beloved art, the world needs to experience this level of passion so that we may always stay grounded and humbled in our TKD journey and striving to always be better, no matter our conditions, this will only be possible if we have more exposure and financial support for our arts.” “My dream is to give those athletes the opportunity to shine on the international stage. General Choi has done his part it’s now up to us to carry on his legacy for mankind.”“To all students, my advice to you is:

Ask questions about every method and it’s purpose and trust that all movements will become your first nature, just like taking a breath. Taekwon-Do is all about natural movements and how we can utilise them in the best possible way.”

“Above all, train hard. Set no limits, life is to be lived and not limited.”

Sabum-nim Tony Ribeiro

For more information please visit the ITFSA  website!

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ITFSA BBA Director, ITFSA Assistant Umpire Director, Sabum-nim Wesley D. Gorman. 

Meet Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman, 4th Dan, ITFSA BBA Director and Assistant Umpire Director. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman on the ITFSA organization; ‘ the ITFSA is a family. We are (a little cliché, but very true), all for one and one for all!’ Sabum-nim Wesley grades students from all over South Africa. ‘The goals you set, regardless of whether it is personal or Taekwon-Do related, our organisation will help you achieve it.’Sbm Wesley trains with his sister Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, who is a 4th Dan as well. ‘ It has always been great to have my sister by my side during this journey, because we not only push each other, we bounce stuff off each other. We turn everything into a healthy competition and set challenges for each other.’‘Taekwon-Do is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. It is a sport that teaches respect, discipline and manners.’ Says Sbm Wesley‘It was August 2003. I was 10’ Sabum-nim Wesley remembers, ‘My parents found a flyer and took me to see if it may be something i would be interested in. I went for the 1st class and was hooked.’‘Sparring is my favourite part of Taekwon-Do. You get to implement all the theory you’ve learned.’ Says Sbm Wesley

‘The lessons learnt in Taekwon-Do makes your overal life better’

Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman 

For more information please visit the ITFSA website! 

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TFA & ITFSA Communications & Events Director and ITFSA National Team Manager, Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman 

Meet TFA and ITFSA Communications and Events Director and ITFSA National Team Manager Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman, 3rd Dan, currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman
‘The ITFSA is an organisation that works for the benefit of all its students. ITFSA’s aim is to help its students in all aspects of their lives. Basically it makes everyone feel like they are part of a family.’ says Bsbm Faye‘For me, it all started out with being present at all the Taekwon-Do events, when my daughter Audrey & son Wesley (on the above picture) were still young, I always offered assistance.’ 

‘My involvement has grown tremendously, my role as the Communications and Events Director in the organization, comes with a big responsibility, I want to make sure everything is prepared and run smoothly and so far, we’ve had many successful events. As the years have passed, Taekwon-Do has become my passion.’

Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman with daughter Sbm Audrey Gorman and son Sbm Wesley Gorman.
‘My husband Glenn and I were involved in sports as children and young adults. We have always believed sport is good for our children. We took ours to their first Taekwon-Do lesson back in 2003, all it took was 1 lesson for them to be hooked.’ Bosabum-nim Faye’s favorite quote: 

‘Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to work hard to make them come true’

 ~ Dion Marc Delport

ITFSA Secretary General, ITFSA Umpire Director, ITFSA Treasurer & Chief Instructor Elements Taekwon-Do, Sabum-nim Julia Wright 

Meet Sabum-nim Julia Wright, 4th Dan, Certified International Instructor, ITFSA Secretary General, ITFSA Umpire Director, ITFSA acting treasurer and Chief Instructor at Elements Taekwon-Do, based in Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa. Sabum-nim Julia says she loves the ITFSA. ‘The organisation supports and promotes its members, while also striving for excellence of technique and skills. It is a second family for me. It is very important to focus on the basics and to have a strong technical foundation – the rest will then just follow.’ Sbm Julia received her ITF plague from ITF head quarters Sabum-nim Julia is a founding member of the ITFSA in 2013. ‘I am a Director of the organisation and started out as the Deputy Secretary General. In 2015 I became the Secretary General. As SG I am in charge of liaising with the ITF HQ and processing of International documents and certificates. ‘

In 2016 Sabum-nim Julia took over the role of Umpire Director and in this capacity, she conducts umpire courses, so that students can become a Certified National Umpire. Sbm Julia is also in charge of making sure the umpiring is of a high standard at ITFSA tournaments.’Sbm Julia travels a lot to help Dojangs to grade their students all over South Africa. I Love the ITFSA! Sabum-nim Julia started Taekwon-Do in 1998, at the age of 14 after 9 years of classical ballet training. ‘It is always important to set goals for yourself, these don’t have to be competition or rank/grading goals, but something that you always want to work towards.’ ‘As you become more senior, you can not rely only on others to keep you motivated.’ says Sbm Julia ‘That being said, I have had amazing instructors and friends that have always inspired me and still do to this day.’‘It is also important to not always compare yourselves to others, everybody’s journey is different, therefore just be the best you that you can be.’ 

Sabum-nim Julia Wright 

For more information please visit the ITFSA website 

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ITFSA Vice President, ITFSA Technical Director, ITFSA National Coach, Sabum-nim Mischa Pereira 

Meet Sabum-nim Mischa Pereira, 4th Dan, Certified International Instructor, ITFSA Vice President, ITFSA Technical Director and ITFSA National Coach, currently based in Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa.  ‘I really am quite lucky and honoured to have my position in our organization as I get to do what I am most passionate about and that is learn, train and teach. That is my biggest motivation.’ Says Sbm Mischa.‘I think the growth of our organization in a short space of time says it all! The success of ITFSA has got to do with all of us. From a beginner student who wants to learn Taekwon-Do, to our very own ITFSA President Sbm Jaren Phillips, who is still doing and learning about Taekwon-Do.’ says Sabum-nim Mischa. ‘The common denominator is our art and our passion to learning and growing it, ‘ says Sbm Mischa, ‘It is not about other factors like ego, power and even finance, that can often plague any organisation. Our organisation is made of members with the common goal of “Taekwon-Do first” and I love that! Taekwon-Do will still exist without an organization, but an organization won’t exist without Taekwon-Do. That to me, is very special.’Sabum-nim Mischa had the privilege to meet the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. 

Sbm Mischa’s advice to students is first try and understand the method and purpose of every attack and defense. Angles, distance and positioning of both yourself and your target. 

Secondly, to be mindful of what you are doing while training. Whether it be fundamentals, patterns or sparring. To involve the mind and the body in everything one does and to be conscious of any other factors surrounding you. 

Lastly, to focus on training individual properties of Taekwon-Do. Not always working for 100% of the perfect movement but to break things down and focus on specifics, such as speed, balance, precision, relaxation etc. By improving on the “ingredients”, the result will be a better end product. ‘Taekwon-Do, I suppose is my life. I’m not sure I could separate the two. I’ve been doing Taekwon-Do since I was 11 years old, so more than 2/3’s my life. It’s difficult to see it as an isolated sphere of life. I think it has just become a part of me. Sure I get tired, especially with so many competitions and gradings, but I just keep myself balanced, rested and I make sure I eat well. However, it also is a motivating factor, to see improvements and passion in students. To train and learn. To create exercises to push a paticular point in Taekwon-Do. I find that keeps me energized and motivated!’ 

Sabum-nim Mischa Pereira 

For more information please visit the ITFSA website! 

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ITFSA Senior Vice President, Sabum-nim Brannon Phillips 

Meet Sabum-nim Brannon Phillips, 6th Dan Certified International Instructor, ITFSA Senior Vice President, currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Sabum-nim Brannon is both passionate and committed to the positive growth of the ITFSA and its members.From left to right; ITFSA Vice President, Technical Director and National Coach Sbm Mischa Pereira, with ITFSA President Sbm Jaren Phillips and Sr. Vice President Sbm Brannon Philips during a black belt grading.  “ITF Taekwon-Do has been a wonderful adventure travelled thus far, my gratitude for the friendships gained, the moments shared and the knowledge discovered, is an imparting smile of contentment for the lessons ahead”, says Sbm Brannon. It was in 2000 after his first international instructors Course with the late founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, that his mission statement evolved to a willingness to help and serve those in need and the enquiring mind of ITF Taekwon-Do.  Sbm Brannon conveys, “The profound emphasis on moral culture is the very essence of what defines and embodies the fortitude of the art. The combination of both mind and body conditioning, is a daily practice for all serious students.”

Sabum-nim Brannon Phillips 

For more information visit the ITFSA website

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ITFSA President and TFA Senior Vice President, Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips

Meet Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips, ITFSA President and TFA Senior Vice President, 6th Dan, currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

IMG_6443Sabum-nim Jaren, executing a flying side piercing kick on top of Lions Head, Cape Town, South Africa.

When it comes to the ITFSA, Sabum-nim Jaren always says, that he is only as good as his team. ‘It’s an honor and privilege to be part of such a wonderful organization, with members, instructors and students/ practitioners that are equally passionate as I am about our beloved art, we call ITF Taekwon-Do’

IMG_6432‘One must train consistently with a focused mind, but not forget to enjoy this powerful journey, Taekwon-Do is the greatest teacher of all!’

Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips

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Taekwon-Do at its best!

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