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ITFSA MAASA & SAAKMA Representative and ITF Women’s Committee Representative Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, 4th Dan, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

“The ITFSA is an organisation that feels like home, a family. We all support and help each other through anything and everything”

Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, 4th Dan, ITFSA MAASA & SAAKMA Representative and ITF Women’s Committee Representative
Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman with her Mother and ITFSA National Team manager Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman 3rd Dan and Brother and ITFSA BBA Director Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman 4th Dan
Sabum-nim Audrey executing a hook kick (golcha chagi)
Sabum-nim Audrey executing a knife hand strike


Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman was only 12 years old when she started Taekwon-Do. She was a dancer, who danced from Monday to Thursday in 6 different disciplines. Her brother Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman wanted to start a new sport and the day he went to try out his first Taekwon-Do class, she went with to watch and landed up joining the class. ” A month later, my brother and I officially started Taekwon-Do under Sabum-nim Michelle Rahl, I gave up dancing and never looked back.” said Sabum-nim Audrey.

“I really enjoy the fitness and sparring training, however when it comes to competition, Patterns is what I enjoy the most. I also enjoy that you train your body and mind to react differently, depending on what situation you are in; the training helps you in every aspect of your life.”

The journey to obtaining her 4th Dan was not an easy one, “there is a lot of hard training, learning and good times in this journey. Sometimes I would wonder how I would get through some of the obstacles but I quickly learnt you only get through them when you are ready. ” Says Sabum-nim Audrey. ” My brother Sbm-nim Wesley Gorman and I were training privately with Senior Master Kim Jong Su, every week for 7 years (from Blue Belt till 4th Dan). The knowledge learnt from SM Kim Jong Su, is something we will never forget and it is incredible to look back now and realise how much we’ve learnt.  You are always learning, no matter what your rank is. Obtaining my 4th Dan, is a journey I will always cherish and my goals / visions are to continue the path I’m on for the foreseeable future.”

“The ITF Women’s committee is set up for the benefit of all ITF Women worldwide. One of its functions is to promote the sport among women and to ensure women’s voices are heard within the Martial Arts community.”


ITFSA Vice President, ITFSA Technical Director, ITFSA National Coach, Sabum-nim Mischa Pereira 

Meet Sabum-nim Mischa Pereira, 4th Dan, Certified International Instructor, ITFSA Vice President, ITFSA Technical Director and ITFSA National Coach, currently based in Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa.  ‘I really am quite lucky and honoured to have my position in our organization as I get to do what I am most passionate about and that is learn, train and teach. That is my biggest motivation.’ Says Sbm Mischa.‘I think the growth of our organization in a short space of time says it all! The success of ITFSA has got to do with all of us. From a beginner student who wants to learn Taekwon-Do, to our very own ITFSA President Sbm Jaren Phillips, who is still doing and learning about Taekwon-Do.’ says Sabum-nim Mischa. ‘The common denominator is our art and our passion to learning and growing it, ‘ says Sbm Mischa, ‘It is not about other factors like ego, power and even finance, that can often plague any organisation. Our organisation is made of members with the common goal of “Taekwon-Do first” and I love that! Taekwon-Do will still exist without an organization, but an organization won’t exist without Taekwon-Do. That to me, is very special.’Sabum-nim Mischa had the privilege to meet the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. 

Sbm Mischa’s advice to students is first try and understand the method and purpose of every attack and defense. Angles, distance and positioning of both yourself and your target. 

Secondly, to be mindful of what you are doing while training. Whether it be fundamentals, patterns or sparring. To involve the mind and the body in everything one does and to be conscious of any other factors surrounding you. 

Lastly, to focus on training individual properties of Taekwon-Do. Not always working for 100% of the perfect movement but to break things down and focus on specifics, such as speed, balance, precision, relaxation etc. By improving on the “ingredients”, the result will be a better end product. ‘Taekwon-Do, I suppose is my life. I’m not sure I could separate the two. I’ve been doing Taekwon-Do since I was 11 years old, so more than 2/3’s my life. It’s difficult to see it as an isolated sphere of life. I think it has just become a part of me. Sure I get tired, especially with so many competitions and gradings, but I just keep myself balanced, rested and I make sure I eat well. However, it also is a motivating factor, to see improvements and passion in students. To train and learn. To create exercises to push a paticular point in Taekwon-Do. I find that keeps me energized and motivated!’ 

Sabum-nim Mischa Pereira 

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