Sabum-nim Tony Ribeiro: “We can all make a difference!” 

Meet Sabum-nim Tony Ribeiro, 5th Dan, Sr. Vice President, Technical Director & Co-Founder of the Mozambican Taekwon-Do Federation, TFA Umpire Director, ITFSA Tournament Director and Chief Instructor at Legacy Taekwon-Do in Ballito, SA. 

Sbm Tony received the honorary medal for outstanding instructor, given by the ITF Headquarters in Vienna.
Sabum-nim Tony is not just a 5th degree black belt in ITF Taekwon-Do, he also has an Umpire Class A certificate and an International Instructors Certificate. Sabum-nim Tony is a proud recipient of the medal of honour for Outstanding Instructor given by ITF HQ in 2014.Sabum-nim Tony and his son Bosabum-nim Alex Ribeiro run the Legacy Dojang in Ballito. “The name Legacy came from the name of the 15-volume encyclopedia that Gen Choi wrote,” says Sbm Tony. “It represents the teachings that our founder intended for all mankind, without adding or removing anything, we must always go back to his legacy to make sure we follow his intended teachings.” Classes at Legacy are on a Tuesday and Friday from 10h00 to 11h30am at Prestige Baby Academy in Ballito, South Africa. Sabum-nim Tony said, “I got in touch with Taekwon-Do in 2003 after meeting Sabum-nim Mark and Ricky Dias’s late father in Mozambique, we started speaking and realised that we lived around the corner from each other in South Africa and that they had the Dias Taekwon-Do club, we started training as a family and found that Taekwon-Do fitted us like a glove.” Sabum-nim Tony has the gift of bringing people together, a great eye for talent and has hosted many continental seminars and championships. “It’s a challenge to balance my Taekwon-Do work, training and teaching but I do this out of love for our art,” says Sbm Tony. “My motivation stands with General Choi, that one man with a passion touched the whole world in his lifetime.”“From a small corner of the world General Choi Hong Hi gave mankind a gift forever. He set this example for all of us, so that we may not have anything holding us back.”“Like the ocean needs all its drops of water, we are all part of this great legacy of Taekwon-Do, set out by the late General Choi Hong Hi to navigate the ocean of life as a single sine wave of unity,” said Sabum-nim Tony, who believes that we all can make a difference. “Africa is my home town and I have travelled through the continent, to some neighbouring countries of South Africa and have seen first hand how talented and dedicated this continent is to our beloved art, the world needs to experience this level of passion so that we may always stay grounded and humbled in our TKD journey and striving to always be better, no matter our conditions, this will only be possible if we have more exposure and financial support for our arts.” “My dream is to give those athletes the opportunity to shine on the international stage. General Choi has done his part it’s now up to us to carry on his legacy for mankind.”“To all students, my advice to you is:

Ask questions about every method and it’s purpose and trust that all movements will become your first nature, just like taking a breath. Taekwon-Do is all about natural movements and how we can utilise them in the best possible way.”

“Above all, train hard. Set no limits, life is to be lived and not limited.”

Sabum-nim Tony Ribeiro

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ITFSA BBA Director, ITFSA Assistant Umpire Director, Sabum-nim Wesley D. Gorman. 

Meet Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman, 4th Dan, ITFSA BBA Director and Assistant Umpire Director. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman on the ITFSA organization; ‘ the ITFSA is a family. We are (a little cliché, but very true), all for one and one for all!’ Sabum-nim Wesley grades students from all over South Africa. ‘The goals you set, regardless of whether it is personal or Taekwon-Do related, our organisation will help you achieve it.’Sbm Wesley trains with his sister Sabum-nim Audrey Gorman, who is a 4th Dan as well. ‘ It has always been great to have my sister by my side during this journey, because we not only push each other, we bounce stuff off each other. We turn everything into a healthy competition and set challenges for each other.’‘Taekwon-Do is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. It is a sport that teaches respect, discipline and manners.’ Says Sbm Wesley‘It was August 2003. I was 10’ Sabum-nim Wesley remembers, ‘My parents found a flyer and took me to see if it may be something i would be interested in. I went for the 1st class and was hooked.’‘Sparring is my favourite part of Taekwon-Do. You get to implement all the theory you’ve learned.’ Says Sbm Wesley

‘The lessons learnt in Taekwon-Do makes your overal life better’

Sabum-nim Wesley Gorman 

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TFA & ITFSA Communications & Events Director and ITFSA National Team Manager, Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman 

Meet TFA and ITFSA Communications and Events Director and ITFSA National Team Manager Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman, 3rd Dan, currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman
‘The ITFSA is an organisation that works for the benefit of all its students. ITFSA’s aim is to help its students in all aspects of their lives. Basically it makes everyone feel like they are part of a family.’ says Bsbm Faye‘For me, it all started out with being present at all the Taekwon-Do events, when my daughter Audrey & son Wesley (on the above picture) were still young, I always offered assistance.’ 

‘My involvement has grown tremendously, my role as the Communications and Events Director in the organization, comes with a big responsibility, I want to make sure everything is prepared and run smoothly and so far, we’ve had many successful events. As the years have passed, Taekwon-Do has become my passion.’

Bosabum-nim Faye Gorman with daughter Sbm Audrey Gorman and son Sbm Wesley Gorman.
‘My husband Glenn and I were involved in sports as children and young adults. We have always believed sport is good for our children. We took ours to their first Taekwon-Do lesson back in 2003, all it took was 1 lesson for them to be hooked.’ Bosabum-nim Faye’s favorite quote: 

‘Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to work hard to make them come true’

 ~ Dion Marc Delport